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What are the types of metrology?


Zara Pandya

Be scared and do it anyway

Metrology is a term that is closely related to Science. If you want to define metrology, then basically it is the study of scientific measurements which deals with various units. Perhaps everything in the earth would be messed up if there were no sense of measurements, isn’t it? Human beings go through any understandings of their daily lives through metrology as each, and everything they deal in their lives like shopping, billing, cooking, riding, working, timing, etc. is nothing but metrology. Metrology was first taken from common standards of natural science and is now the International System of Unit. Here in this article, let’s discuss the types of metrology.

1. Industrial Metrology

As the name suggests, Industrial metrology is closely related to industries. The system of units or measurements which are used to determine the proper functioning and mechanism of the machines, instruments or devices of the industries is called industrial metrology. Industrial metrology is the most common in manufacturing industries, commercial industries, aircraft designing or testing departments, processing units and even in small cottage industries or factories. If you look at different factories, almost all the works starting from the production to the packaging are done through the use of machinery. Here lies the importance of industrial metrology. Industrial metrology ensures the sustainability, calibration and quality control of all the machinery in the industries. 

2. Scientific Metrology

Scientific metrology deals a lot with the new inventions and development. Day by day the need for new machinery in new industries or organizations keep on increasing, and newer devices or instruments are on demand. Scientific metrology looks into the need for these needs and based on the rules of the standard system of units, newer machinery and tools are being invented by keeping the needs in mind. Scientific metrology has a lot to do even with conducting researches and developing advanced technologies for government and healthcare units too.

3. Legal Metrology

Legal metrology is somewhat different and refined compared to the other types of metrology. This type of metrology is related to various legal systems like economic transactions, marketing, etc. They are not physical but has a lot of influence in the field of enforcement.

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