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What are the types of manufacturing process?


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Manufacturing is important processes that are directly or indirectly associated with all the developments we are making every day.

What is manufacturing?

Manufacturing in simple terms is the collection of different processes aimed at the conversion of raw materials into finished products.

Manufacturing is a long process comprising of several complex processes, each of which requires absolute perfection.

Let us now discuss the various manufacturing processes.

  • Casting
    Casting is the process in which a metal is taken in its complete liquid form and then poured slowly into different molds without any external pressure,  and allowed to cool down to obtain different shapes.
    The metal upon cooling is taken out of the mold and then processed according to the requirements. Casting is also used in manufacturing alloys, by mixing different metals in their liquid state.

  • Molding
    In molding metal in its liquid or semi-liquid form is taken and transferred into different molds under pressure. Molding is used to shape soft metals using different molds. Molding uses different molds in repetitions while casting uses only a single one.
    Molding yields finished product, while in case of casting finished product may or may not be obtained at once.

  • Machining
    Machining is the process in which the raw metal is taken and cut into different shapes and sizes as per the requirements. Different types of machines are used like laser cutters, saws, rotating wheels, plasma torches, etc. to cut the metals into the desired shapes and sizes with perfection.
    Commonly used machining operations involve drilling, turning, milling, grinding, chip formation, etc.

  • Joining
    Joining is the process in which two or more parts of metals, plastics, etc. are joined using heat, pressure, adhesives, etc. to obtain the desired piece.
    Some of the commonly used joining processes include:

    • Welding (Gas welding, Arc welding, Thermite welding)
    • Brazing
    • Soldering
    • Adhesive Bonding
    • Forming
      Forming is a process in which different shapes are produced with the help of suitable stresses in the form of tension, compression, tear, shear, etc. Some of the commonly used forming techniques are: 
      1. Forging
      2. Rolling
      3. Explosive forming
      4. Extrusion
      5. Sheet Metal Working
      6.Finishing Process

Some of the commonly used finishing techniques involve:

  • Polishing

  • Coating

This involves all the additional processes after the product is manufactured. These processes are generally done to make the finished product attractive.

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