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What are the types of legal documents?


Anjana Roy

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There are many types of legal documents. Legal documents are certain records and evidence which has full authenticity and validity in the judicial authorities. Legal documents follow all the rules and regulations according to the defined laws of the constitution and can be produced as evidence whenever there is any proceedings or trials. These are accepted as legally supportive proofs. Here you will know about the types of legal documents.

1. Contract 

The contract is one of the main legal document which is mutually accepted and signed between two parties. There terms and agreements of the contract are formed with the view of benefits for both the parties and if they are accepted, then only they form a contract. Contracts are formed between two companies or between the employees and the company or regarding property or real estates. 

2. Will

Will is related to property. It is a written legal document which defines the amount of property or gift to be inherited by any person or organization after the death of the owner. The owner, with the help of a lawyer, can form a will, and if he does not do so, the court will identify whom to provide the property. Will is also known as a codicil.

3. Deed

A deed is a common legal term used in the field of real estates. When a real estate property, like mortgage, easement, or anything is transferred from the builder to the person who is buying it, a constructive legal document is created for any future assistance. This legal document is called a deed.

4. Trust

A huge property cannot be maintained or looked after by the owner himself. He looks for an efficient, reliable, and honest individual who is given the right to hold the authority over the property just through an agreement on behalf of the beneficiary. This type of legal document is called Trust, and the person who holds the authority is called a Trustee.

5. Business deals

Business deals are legal agreements or documents which is signed between two business partners or companies before entering into new business activities. Business deals are formed based on legal terms and conditions. The violation of such terms may lead to injustice and penalization.

Any legal documents are based on legal terms and conditions and have full evidential access in the judicial system. These cannot be violated and is required to be followed strictly.

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