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What are the types of international law?


Aditi Chandrasekhar

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International laws are referred to as the guidelines that are mutually accepted by the countries for governing the relations among them. These laws are made for the betterment of the countries as they help to resolve issues with peace. They also promote justice among the countries and help countries to avoid the state of war. That is why International Laws have significant importance. There are generally three types of International laws.  Let’s discuss these laws one by one.

  1. Public International Law:
    Public International laws have been designed to examine the relationships between the countries and states and they govern the binding rules of the international community to avoid any dispute. Public International laws generally involve the treaties and the agreements that are signed by the countries with their mutual consent. These public international laws include federal laws, criminal laws, human rights laws, maritime laws, refugee laws, the law of war and the laws that are created with the help of the international treaties by the nations. When a conflict arises, these public laws help to resolve these conflicts.

  2. Private International Laws:
    Private international laws are the rules that are used to resolve the dispute between private individuals who cross international boundaries. When a dispute exists between private individuals of two countries who have their different legal systems, private international law comes for the help of people. It helps to determine a court, and it also decides which country’s law will be used to solve the matter. It is called a private international law, but in a real sense, it is the body of domestic law. These laws have been designed to minimize international legal disputes, and they prove to be very effective.

  3. Supranational laws:
    This is another type of international law. These laws generally rely on the limitations of the rights of the sovereign nations. These are called supranational laws because nations have the right to make some judicial decisions. These rights are submitted to set a common tribunal through a treaty. The two globally accepted supranational tribunals are the United Nations Security Council and the International Court of Justice.

So these are the three international laws. International laws are designed to create legal harmony among the nations, and they help a lot in avoiding international disputes and conflicts to a great extent.

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