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What are the types of family law?


Rakhi Dey

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Family law, popularly known as matrimonial law or evens law for domestic relations is one of the particular branches of law which deals with matters related to family as well as domestic relations. It talks about the creation of family relationships and also breaking them under the legal process of divorce as well as the termination of parental rights.

Family law deals with adoption, contested custody related to children and also topics which are on child support obligations. As family law is a specialized practice of law which takes into consideration relationships as well as children, it turns out to be as one of the most emotional branches of law. Family lawyers who guide the families need to get involved in every individual case with a personal case to offer the best outcome for their client’s lives. 

Family law covers a wide variety of services, but each one of them is related to the family. Many of us think that the family lawyers only work on cases which are related to divorces.   But the real fact is that it actually handles a wide spectrum of cases, which are mostly related to either the formation of or for the dissolution of the family. 

 As we already mentioned that family law is there to offer a wide range of services so it is not much difficult to understand that there will be different types of family law. Keeping in mind the increased rate of divorce across the globe, family law emerged out as one of the important branches of law.

1. Divorce:

It will not be a surprise to see this category as one of the popular family law branches. One of the common types of family law is nothing but divorce. If we just restrict our analysis to US couples we can see that close to 40-50% of the US couples are taking a divorce, and now it’s very common.

2. Adoption:

Family law covers different regulations related to adoption. The regulations are introduced to ensure the best future for the adopted child. A couple or single parent who wishes to adopt the child needs to follow the regulations. Its lengthy paperwork generally delays the process if the lawyer is not an experienced one. Hire an experienced lawyer for swift processing.

3.  Child custody:

Child custody is a common issue in divorce cases. The couples who fail to decide about child custody on their own needs courts intervention. It takes into consideration parents’ income, the child’s age, and also parents’ physical as well as mental well being.

4. Domestic Violence:

Victims of any domestic violence can request the family court for the issuance of protective orders to restrict the abuser. 

The above are few forms of family law cases and there are many more which a family lawyer can explain you in detail.

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