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What are the types of electrical engineering careers?


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Electrical Engineering has a vast career prospect in today’s world. If you look carefully, you can find that almost all the advanced materials of daily life, as well as the materials used in various industries, work on electricity. It needs a lot of advancement and technology to set up these systems. If you are pursuing or willing to continue your studies on electrical engineering, here are some of the excellent career options for you.

1. Power Engineering

Electricity is highly related to the supply and production of power and energy. The electrical engineering students can opt for a career for power engineering and help in the conversion of electricity to energy. These are used in the mechanisms used in LED lighting, IT equipment, high-efficiency motors, smart technologies like Smart Televisions, Microwaves, etc. 

2. Multimedia Processing

Here is another option for electrical engineering students. Todays Multimedia has a vast effect on human life in the form of computerized and electronic devices. Electrical engineers can involve their skills in using multimedia for these devices. 

3. Microelectronics

Microelectronics is again another part of the electronics field where small and microscopic elements are used to manufacture specific electronic components. 

4. Photonics

This field of electrical engineering is related to Photonics. Here the photonics are used to generate and manipulate light which is also called photons and used in technologies like measuring signals, voice telephony, image data files, delivering huge storage in DVDs, optical control networks, keyhole surgeries, etc. 

5. Energy Systems

An energy system is another career option for the students of electrical engineering. This career is used for designing for the supply of the energy-services to the end-users. This process is also known as Thermodynamics.  

6. Telecommunications

Telecommunications Engineering is highly related to electrical engineering. Here the electrical mediums are used to convert the signals for communications at longer distances. The process is done by data communications which encode and compresses and encrypts the information in the digital and wireless forms.

7. Systems and Control

This is again an excellent career option for the electrical engineers. They identify and analyze the overall operations and design complex systems for various technological developments used in human life regularly. Students for this career can become technical managers and leaders under multiple projects. 

8. Satellite Engineering

Electrical engineering has a great to do in satellite engineering. The students of this career can design specific functional properties used in the satellite functioning. They are employed in aerospace companies as defense contractors. 

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