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What are the types of constitutional law?


Mayavadi Rajesh

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You must have heard of the term constitution. Many of you may have also read about it in your civics textbooks in high school. The constitution is the most important thing for a country. To define it in simple terms, it is a body of rules that are known to define and govern a country. Every country has its constitution that serves as the foundation of power for them. 

Different types of constitutional law

Now that you know the meaning of the constitution let’s discuss the different types of constitutional law that exist in a country.

1. Written

Written constitution represents documents that are created in the form of laws. These documents are usually very precise and systematic. Most of the countries in the world, including the USA, France, Russia, India, Germany, etc. has a written constitution.

2. Unwritten

An unwritten constitution can be defined as a legal body where the set principles have never been formed into laws. This may include many traditions and customs of a country. A classic example of the unwritten constitution is the English constitution.

3. Flexible and inflexible constitution

In a flexible constitution, you can change some of the clauses easily without any restrictions. However, this is just the opposite in an inflexible constitution. When it comes to changing clauses in an inflexible constitution, many strict rules need to be followed.

4. Presidential and parliamentary constitution

Both these types of constitution are known to depend on the way a government works. In the case of a presidential constitution, the power lies in the hand of a president. Whereas in the case of a parliamentary constitution, the power is given to the parliament.

5. Monarchy and republican constitution

In the monarchy type constitution, the people of the country are governed by a monarch. A monarch may be given unlimited power, or his/her powers may also be restricted. On the other hand, the republican type of constitution is the most popular one. It gives freedom and rights to every citizen of the country. Not just that, but they also get the right to choose their political leader.

So these are the different types of the constitution you should know about. Every country in the world is known to follow a particular type of constitution.

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