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Tonnes of different applications are developed regularly for our use. But before they are ready for the market, they need to be tested for all their flaws and efficiency. But the market is already so much saturated with different types of software testing applications and from the plethora of choices, it becomes really difficult to choose a reliable one. To make things easier for you, we have sorted out some of the best software testing tools available in the market.

  • qTest

Developed by QASymphony mainly for the Agile and DevOps practitioners. It features all sorts of automation, reporting, test management, etc.

Salient Features

  • Powerful analytics and reporting. 

  • Enterprise BDD

  • Integrations with different applications like Jira, GitHub, Jenkins, etc.

Official Link:

  • Practitest

End-to-end type of software testing application, Practitest ensures full visibility in the software testing process, which in turn ensures better problem-solving.

Salient Features

  • Highly scalable and can be customized according to the needs and demands of the company.

  • It can be easily integrated with tonnes of other third-party applications for efficient bug testing, API tracking, etc.

  • Features different hierarchical tree filters for easy sorting.

  • Powerful and user-friendly dashboards.

Official Link:

  • Selenium

Probably the most widely used automated software testing tool is Selenium, designed for different types of web-based applications, browsers as well as platforms.

Salient Features

  • Features highly efficient parallel text execution.

  • Supports all OS.

  • Supports a vast number of programming languages like Python, JavaScript, C#, PHP, etc.

Download Link: 

  • Espresso

Espresso is a software testing tool for mobile applications and is very user-friendly.

Salient Features

  • Execute UI tests without writing a single line of code.

  • Fast and Reliable.

  • Open-source and can be extended into different working environments.

Download Link: 

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