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What are the top entertainment companies?


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Entertainments companies have made an enormous development and managed to win the hearts of millions massively. Well, it’s true that the media industry has experienced a lot of growth in the last few years.  The young generation is showing a huge interest in becoming a part of this industry and as a result of which this industry is booming massively. As per the latest research, it is noticed that the Indian media and the entertainment sector has the potential to grab US$ 100 billion by 2025. Like India, this sector is booming noticeably in other countries too. 

Here we can take a look at some top-ranked entertainment industries which are famous all over the world. 

1. Reliance Entertainment: This Company has already become famous not only in India but also all over the world. The owner of this company is Mr. Anil Ambani. This company is a renowned name in the television and film industry. 

2. Comcast: The family of Ralph Roberts runs this world-famous company, and he is the founder of the company. During the year 2015, the company managed to earn revenue of $68.7 billion and a net income of $8.5 billion. The family members who are the owners of the company possess only 1% voting share. 

3. Zee entertainment enterprises: This entertainment company is trendy within the Indian mass. The famous Essel Group owns this entertainment company, and it started the journey in the year 1991. Since then the company is fulfilling the demand of the public by offering different shows for the audiences of various age groups.

4. Dish Network: This is a popular satellite television and internet provider, and the company started its video streaming from the year 2015. The streaming of several favorite channels such as ESPN, Disney, and HBO is done successfully by this network. 

5. Walt Disney: Walt Disney is no doubt the best entertainment company all over the world. During the year 2017, it has ranked at the top among the other 10 media companies. Films are also being produced via Walt Disney Pictures, Disney Animations, etc. 

6. Netflix: In recent days the popularity of Netflix is getting raised hugely. It was launched in the year 1997, and the company sold 15 original stories in the year 2015. It indicates the speed at which this company in winning the hearts of the viewers across the globe.

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