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What are the top 5 popular sports in the world?


Padama Mukesh

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There are about 8000 sports in the world among which 200 are recognized at the international level.  The famous sporting events include the Olympics, FIFA, UEFA, Asian Games, etc. You may be a fan of any of the sports which are shown on television, but the recent data has proven that people all over the world highly view the below five sports. Thus, it can be said; these are favorite sports in the world right now.

1.Football or Soccer:

Recent statistics disclose that there are more than 5 billion fans and viewers for football. The most challenging tournament of this sport is the FIFA World Cup and the FIFA Confederation Cup which creates a lot of sensation among the viewers of the world. Countries which are not under the FIFA Association also cannot resist themselves to view the tournament. Many new teams are also getting included in the Association which creates more popularity in the sports world.

2. Cricket

Cricket comes just next to Football. Being originated in England, this sport is mostly played by the Commonwealth Countries and the UK itself. It has been revealed that almost 3 billion people are great fans of this sport. With growing popularity, Cricket is being played through much investments and costs.

3. Tennis

Tennis is another favorite sport in the world with about 1 billion fans and viewers. This sport were first originated in different versions in Rome, Greece, and Egypt. Yet the modern version of Tennis was first invented in France. From then onwards this has become one of the exciting sports of the world.

4. Hockey

Being originated in India, Hockey is not less popular with about 2 billion fans in the world. Though there are various forms of Hockey, yet Field Hockey has gained much of its popularity.

5. Volleyball

The growing popularity of Volleyball has convinced a lot of schools and colleges to design volleyball court for the students. This sport has around 900 million viewers. The sports were first played in the USA, and now the whole world has accepted this as one of the most exciting games.

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