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What are the things to do with VR headset?


Vicky Sen

Do more of what makes you happy

Games are playing incredible magic in our lives with the advantage of Virtual Reality. In case you are planning to have one and still not sure what more you can do with it besides playing your favorite games then we have some suggestions handy with us. There are some VR applications, which will surely spark better ideas about where further you can go and what are the possibilities available. We are confident that there are some wishes deep down your heart which you want to experience with your VR set but not sure if it will work for you or not.  Take a look below:

•    Enjoying life experiences: Well it not only includes just live events for example concerts or indoor sports but much above this.  Here it will be beneficial for making instantly transporting self to just another place.

    Enjoy a flight like a free bird: As a human being, we have a hidden desire always to fly like a free bird up above the sky. It’s something which you can experience with the use of a VR headset. Apart from other inventions, with the help of VR headset, you will be the one who will be flying. Try BIRDLY for a genuine bird like experience. All you need to do is to Simulate in bird posture lying on a platform preferably padded one and the VR headset on. The flaps will play the role of your wings while the hydraulic device mechanism will move you forward when you dive. 

•    Watch out immersive 360° videos right on YouTube:  YouTube is undoubtedly the best destination where you can find exceptional quality 360° videos, which are best experienced when you use VR. If you check the official YouTube VR channel, you will see a wide variety of content, starting from music performances, to action sports, from racing to nature films, and also essential news events. This is going to be the one which you will love to check daily to see what latest additions are there in the channel. 

•   Scope to explore places and college campuses: Finding the best college sometimes turns out to a tiring job. It becomes a reality when you are supposed to go through any compulsory tour. You can do it in a straightforward manner using your VR headset. All that you need to do is to visit This site is having substantial numbers of pictures as well as videos of some of the big international universities and colleges. You can take advantage of it to go for a practical walk to explore the environment and check all around without even visiting the place physically. You visit also offers real estate listings and clients near to wear headsets and take a tour of the homes which located far away.

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