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What are the stress management strategies in the workplace?

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Elizabeth T Flanagan

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Stress can be defined as the state of mind when an individual is not in a calm state and gets slow at work. Stress management deals with those steps which can calm down the level of stress in the individual have.

If any person is feeling stressed because of an unhappy work environment, then it will inevitably create an impact on the overall wellbeing of the native. If you find your employee in a stressed situation it’s important that you take action. Some signs of stress include constant missing of lunch because of heavy work pressure, taking office work at home, getting emotional or irritated with work rush. So, the common causes of getting stressed in the workforce are; poor management practice, lack of good work culture and resources, excessive demand of the company and many more are there on the list.

Some of the stress management practices followed in the workplace are: 

  • Implementation of wellness program: The human resource manager in a company must initiate a wellness program. Such applications will assist in managing employee’s lives with the elimination of stress factors at work and home. It may include EAPs, commonly known as the Employee Assistance Programs. It includes workshops, fitness centers, etc. at the workplace.
  • Encourage yourself to become more organized: If you are a disorganized person, then it is necessary for you to take action.  Staying organized means you manage your time well to avoid getting late and rushing to complete the work with immense pressure. Keeping self-organized also means avoiding all adverse effects and keep the workplace clean, and staying attentive towards work. So, it is just required to improve the planning to get out of stress.
  • Avoid conflict: To maintain focus at work, it is necessary to avoid any conflict within the office. Any conflict within the workplace can surely enhance your mental stress, and it will create a mess in your daily work schedule. 
  • Be interactive and talk to someone: If not managed well Stress can make your outburst in professional life. We continuously accumulate the heat of tension inside us and feel awkward for seeking help. Get out of it and speak to someone you can trust and this will help to fight stress better. You may find avenues of hope when discussing the issues with someone you can bank upon.
  • Do exercises:  Exercising is no doubt one of the most effective ways to stay away from mental stress. Every person should walk for at least 20-30 minutes after taking lunch in the office. This will help in refreshing the mind with more flow of oxygen in the body.

The above are a few simple strategies that can bring good changes in managing workplace stress. 

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Jennifer Brown

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Suffering from stress at work place is one of the most common issue that people suffer from. With the hectic and tiring work schedule it can be very hard for a person to able to focus on their work and pending work. So, here are some effective and potential ways that will help you fight stress at work effectively.

·         Listen to music- listening to music at work can be very helpful in keeping a person calm. So, if you have a desk work and your office policies allows you to listen to music through ear plugs than try listening to calming songs to stay you calm and relaxed at work.

·         Do not multi-task- most of the times when we have a number of pending work, we tend to do a number of tasks in the same times. It exerts more pressure on us. Therefore, it is very important that we try not to multi-task, as our brain is not able to concentrate on a multiple things on the same time. So, it is best to do one thing at a time.

·         Try not to argue at work and maintain a friendly environment around you.

·         Choose Waklert-These acts on the brain of the person to release hormones that helps in secreting calming hormones in the brain thus helping a person fight stress effectively.

·         Exercising- working out in the morning time helps in releasing endorphin in the body that helps a person feel active and good all day long. This is therefore a very effective way to help a person work and function well at work. 

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