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What are the strangest contract clauses in football?


Nalini Sagar

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Football is one of the popular sports which is loved and appreciated by the global crowd. Contract clauses are something very important for a sport named football. Football contracts can be described as something which is very similar to marriage certificates although marriage certificates are not that brittle as the contracts of football. This concept of football contract became very popular in the 1970s or the 1980s. The contract is the part of the race where clubs and teams need to sign the players.  Signing new contracts every year is like an annual festival and similar to all festivals, there will always be some weird fireworks. Here we are going to share some strangest contract clauses in football.

  • Neymar's contract:
    In 2017 Neymar entered a 5-year contract to be a part of Paris Saint-Germain. The contract transfer cost amounted to havoc 222 million euros. Many said that it was not as per rules of Financial Fair Play. The members of Neymar's team were forbidden from making him foul excessively.

  • Sam Hamman Spencer Prior’s contract:
    Prior entered a contract which mentioned that he must eat a delicacy of Lebanese which includes two testicles that are slowly cooked. Well, Hamman, was bit accommodating. Hamman gave scope to Prior to enjoying the dish with a little bit of salt, little bit of parsley and a pinch of lemon.

  • Neymar's frequent fliers 2013 from Santos to Barcelona:
    $118 million, the move of Neymar’s to Barcelona in the year 2013 was backed with corruption allegations, and that overshadowed all bizarre requests made by the Brazilian captain. During that period Neymar took care of all-expenses for paid trips for all his friends who are from Sao Paulo to visit him after every couple of months.

The above are just a few among the several strangest contract clauses in football. There are several others as per records and you need to research a bit to about all of them.

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