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What are the steps involved in UX designing?


Manoj Wason

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An important part of the cyber community is UX designing, and during the recent era, its importance has doubled up. In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the basic steps involved in UX Designing, but first things first, let us highlight the definition of UX Designing.

UX designing stands for User Experience designing, it focuses on enhancing the overall user satisfaction by improving usability, desirability, and accessibility, concerned with an IT product. Let us now highlight the different UX processes.

  • Focussing the requirement

The first step involves understanding the market and the demands and requirements of the concerned audience. You cannot start building a house without having a strong foundation. Analyze the market and interact with a different audience and note their feedbacks.

  • Research Time

Based on the data collected, perform necessary research work to search results which are compatible with the requirements and demands of the users. You need to focus on the latest UX trends and implement the same within your work to be a step ahead of your potential competitors.

  • Designing

At first, prepare sketches, workflows, and wireframes to showcase your ideas to the stakeholders, and perform the necessary testing to attain utmost customer satisfaction.

Once the stitches are finalized, you need to work on your graphics, using vibrant images and infographics, proper themes, and fonts. 

  • Evaluation

It is a very important step, which checks whether the finished product is fulfilling all the demands of the customers and is user-friendly. In this step, the finished product is also analyzed for flexibility, customizability, reusability, etc. All sorts of potential errors and loopholes are detected and eliminated in this step. Only after the finished product qualifies this test, it is marked as market-ready, and then it becomes available for the users.

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