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What are the small business ideas for beginners?


Ricky Lal Rout

Purpose fuels passion

Establishing a business requires a lot of hard work and a series of complex and lengthy procedures.

Starting a business requires a lot of financial support and manual power as well. However, you can start with a small (low budget) business which in recent times has gained a lot of popularity because of the increasing demands among the people in small towns and villages.

Though this has paved ways for business owners to make mistakes, the opportunities have never gone down. Some of the most popular low-budget businesses that you can opt for in your local town are discussed below.

  • Costume Jewellery Shop
    In recent times, the demand for costume jewelry has increased tremendously, and this industry has now worth billions of dollars. Costume Jewelleries attracts women of all ages. You can start with the costume jewelry business, as it is a low-budget business and you can start selling directly from your home, requiring minimum manpower.

  • Packaged Drinking Water Business
    With the increasing health awareness among the people, the majority of the people have started consuming packed drinking water with added minerals over normal tap water. So you can start with this business as it is of low-budget and is highly profitable these days.

  • Event Planning
    If you have excellent organizing and managing skills, then event planning can be your perfect choice. You can start your business by planning for local events like weddings, birthday parties, conferences, seminars, etc. The better you perform, the more customer satisfaction you’ll gain which in turn will help you to attract a larger mass of potential clients.

  • Food Business/Restaurants
    There is always a high demand for a good place for satisfying our appetite.  This industry is one of the fastest-growing industries around the globe. You can start your business from your home itself and can also use the help of the latest technologies such as online food services to add a new dimension to your business.

  • Jute Products Manufacturing
    With the ban on plastic carry bags, jute carry bags are regaining their popularity. Designer jute bags and utensils are in great demand in the market these days. It requires the use of only simple machinery to start a jute bag manufacturing business.

  • PET Containers Manufacturing
    This century has seen a tremendous increase in the use of polymers for various purposes, one of which is for storing different items. This is one of the most profitable businesses. Moreover, recent studies state that by the year 2030, polymer consumption will increase by a double amount.

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