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What are the signs of true love?


Mary E Graham

Simplicity is the key to happiness

One thing that all the living creatures have in common is the ability to love. Love is the greatest form of respect and cares towards others. Without love, we are just machines. 

Love is something that cannot be explained by mere words but requires all your emotions, care, sympathy, respect, admiration, etc.

Now, whenever you like someone, it doesn’t mean that its true love. Sometimes it can be just an infatuation or a one-sided feeling. True loves reflect some signs, some of which are discussed below.

  • Unconditional Emotions: 
    When you are in true love, you do everything for your partner without expecting anything in return. You sacrifice anything for your partner without even letting them know. 

  • Mirror Image: 
    When you are truly in love, you find yourself being reflected in your partner. You see your partner’s likings and dislikes similar to yours. You also find their way of thinking similar to your own. In simple words, your partner becomes your mirror.

  • Anger control: 
    Whenever you are in deep love, you cannot hurt your better half no matter what the situation is. Yes at times you’ll be angry but will never be able to hurt your partner.

  • Finding Happiness: 
    When you love truly, you’ll find happiness in your partner’s happiness. You will feel proud when your partner achieves something, and you feel pain when your partner is in pain.

  • Trust: 
    A vital component of true love is trust. When you are in true love, you’ll trust your partner no matter what the situation is. True love means always supporting your partner and trusting him/her when the whole world is on the other side.

  • Keeping the vows and promises: 
    When you truly love your partner, you try to fulfill all the vows and promises that you made despite the situation. 

  • Forgiveness: 
    True love means forgiving your partner at times when they are unable to keep up to their promises. Yes at first you might become angry with them, but you won’t be able to remain angry at them for a long time.

  • Unwrapping Yourself Completely: 
    When you are in true love, you can be “the real you” without any hesitations. You accept the flaws of your partner and love them the same when the love is real.

True love is life.

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