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What are the pros and cons of artificial intelligence?


Madhu Mannen

Think Big

Artificial intelligence or AI is one of the most vital subject matter of Computer Science and in today’s world, it has a great impact on human life both positively and negatively. After all, it is obvious that any great innovation in the modern world has both positive and negative effects at the same time. Through Artificial Intelligence, the creation of many innovative machines and instruments have come up with the most advanced technologies so that they can fulfill the activities just like human beings. It is an ability set by a machine to think, read and learn. 

As it is already told that everything has a positive as well as a negative effect together, it is the same in the case of artificial intelligent too. Here all those points are discussed in details:


1. The most beneficial part of Artificial Intelligence lies in its excellent ability to perform a lot of tasks by maintaining the same routine and discipline regularly without getting tired. The programming codes and systems are balanced in such a way that they can simply follow the instructions and easily perform their tasks. 

2. Not only performing routine tasks at regular intervals, but Artificial Intelligence is also developed in such advanced techniques that the machines or devices hardly make errors or mistakes and provide 100% error free works.

3. The modern generation busy schedules have reduced the time of human beings in such a way that they cannot spend much f their time in performing manual works for long. Here Artificial Intelligence has saved human life by performing certain tasks which were previously done by people themselves manually. 

4. You can learn and explore a lot of things around the world through the advancement of Artificial Intelligence. There are huge knowledge-based data and resources within the AI.

5. The output or the products which are obtained through the utilization of Artificial Intelligence are much more advanced, higher in quality and maximum in quantity compared to the output made by human beings manually. 


1. Artificial intelligence is a highly expensive mechanism not while its initial installation, but also while the maintenance and testing are performed.

2. As Artificial intelligence has reduced the work of human beings to a great extent, human life has tended to become highly dependent and lazy. Moreover, the percentage of unemployment has also increased a lot as manual labor demand has decreased. 

3. Artificial intelligence follows the instructions and programming codes inserted within it as a result of which the tasks performed are highly mechanical. It lacks the power of creativity.

5. It needs regular maintenance and certain sets of rules and circumstances to be followed if you want to keep your machine work properly. With the change of environment or climate or any other circumstances, the machine may get ruin. Thus, Artificial Intelligence does not have the capability to cope up with changing situations.

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