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What are the problems with our education sytem?

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Krishna Mehta

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The education system of India has faced several criticisms from the students as well as the guardians because of several factors.

We focus on the ways to improve our economy but fail to realize that the economy is mainly affected by the quality of the workforce rather than just quantity. The Quality of the manpower is affected by a lot of factors such as health and nutrition, education, housing facilities, sanitation, etc.

Let us discuss some of the critical problems of our Education System.

  • Lack of Educational Funds: Proper educational development requires a lot of financial support. Because of the lack of such educational fundings, most of the educational sectors lack proper infrastructure, proper educational equipment, libraries, etc. As a result of this, the education sectors fails to impart appropriate knowledge to the students.

  • Increasing expenses of Education: With time, the quality of education is deteriorating tremendously while the costs are soaring sky high. Universities like IIM’s, charge around Rs2Lakhs per semester, for a course of MBA. Majority of the Indian people belong to the middle class, so they are unable to afford such costly education package. A key factor for this tremendous increase in higher education is due to the privatization of higher education.

  • Neglect of the native Indian languages: About 99% of the education is preached in the English language. Majority of the students belong to the rural background, and so they are unable to understand the education done in the English medium correctly.

  • Loss of innovative Minds:  Because of the lack of proper education, talented minds migrate to different parts of the globe for education. As a result of such migration, India suffers from a loss of talented individuals. This phenomenon is also termed as “ Brain drain.”

  • Child Labour: Around 35% of people remain illiterate because of child labor. Due to poor economic conditions, children are forced to work from a very young age, instead of going to schools or colleges.

  • Lack of proper use of Educational Resources: The Indian education System revolves around the General System of Education, and lacks the Technical and Vocational parts of education. This increases the dropout rate, especially in the 6-14 age group. This, in turn, adds to the wastage of the creative minds.

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