Sadhika Ravish

Conquer from within

Stress has always linked to headaches and other health issues. Almost every individual is dealing with stress, be it a teenager, or an old person. They can’t really escape the pressure, and it is still cursed in society. Even though stress leads to a lot of negative effects, it can also bear some positive outcomes. I am sharing some of the positive effects of stress below:

1. Stress helps in boosting brain power

Lower levels of stress build a strong connection between brain neurons. They produce good brain chemicals which let you finish work in a quick time. Even psychological stressors can boost brain power in the long run. 

2. Makes you more Stronger

Strength not only comes from exercises;  stress also plays a vital part in it. If you are dealing with low to moderate level stress, higher are the chances you can manage similar situations easily in the future. With repeated handling, the stress-related event makes your body and mind stronger than usual.

3. Helps in Increasing Immunity

Whenever the body is withstanding stress, it prepares for any arising injury or disease. Our body produces extra interleukins which are chemicals helping to regulate the overall immune system. This provides a defensive mechanism to fight against illnesses and injuries. 

4. Stress Makes You Innovative

One thing which stress does the best is it changes us. Every time we are in stress, we find no way and take the unknowing path leading to happiness and satisfaction. Being in a stress-full situation, you force your brains to think more, do more and make yourself innovative and a better person.

5. Levels You Up To Succeed

Comfortable zones will never make you a skillful person. Dealing with stress is a great thing as it makes you think, the impossible. You can eventually perform tasks that you once thought were hard to do. It encourages you to behave maturely in every situation and be more productive every single time. Ultimately, after dealing with stress and managing each situation, you are bound to succeed and become a better version of yourself. 

6. Helps in Child Development

Stress can help a mother in overall child development. Mothers who have average stress levels tend to benefit the child during pregnancy. This can eventually bring change in a child’s brain development and benefit him/her in the nearby future. 

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