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What are the popular web frameworks?

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Cheryl Susan

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Frameworks emerged as one of the essential and important section of web development because the standards for web applications remained always high, and so is its associated complexity related to the technology needed. Web Application Framework also is known as “web framework” is just like a software framework which is carefully designed by experts for supporting the web applications development that includes web services, web APIs and web resources. Frameworks can be defined as short, libraries which help in developing an application in an easy, smarter and faster way! There is both frontend and backend framework for development and it is important for you to have an idea about the both to pick the right one for your web development needs.

Frontend Web Development Frameworks

  1. Angular:
    Angular is one of the best frameworks for web development and is one of the leading products designed by Google company for supporting the developers in their development needs. Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons designed it and named it during its first release in the year 2009. In 2016 it was completely rewritten and earned popularity as Angular.

  2. React:
    React cannot be named as a regular web app framework, but one type of JavaScript library. In spite of that, it holds a deserving spot in the list of popular web frameworks. React managed to gain a lot of fame just because of its revolutionary architecture which is component-based which rest frameworks started applying in a later time.

Backend Web Development Frameworks

  1. Django:
    Django is a popular Backend Web Development Frameworks which supports in designing web applications of quality. It was intentionally launched to match the deadlines of a fast-moving newsroom and to full and satisfy the demands of experienced and talented Web developers. Django makers made it clear that this application is very fast, scalable, secure,  and versatile.

  2. Express:
    Express is another high in demand Backend Web Development Framework which is used by the leading IT giants and other MNC’s like Accenture, Uber, and IBM.  We can find its application in other web frameworks like Sails, Kraken, and Loopback. It is known as a fast, minimal, and un-opinionated framework.

I picked 2-2 each for both types of Web frameworks but that does not mean that there are no more good frameworks. If you research the industry you will find that there many more web frameworks contributing massively by supporting the web developers.


Ritesh Patil

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Dynamic websites and applications have become the need of the hour for businesses to engage a wider audience and create a prominent niche. The right web framework can help you in building these web apps and websites. However, most companies find it difficult to choose a framework that perfectly suits their development needs.

But not to worry, the below compilation of the most popular web frameworks shall make it easy for you to choose the right one and make your web development operations hassle-free. So, let’s take a look.

Ruby on Rails - It lies among the most recommended web frameworks that create highly responsive web applications. It’s one of the best backend frameworks that facilitate building data-driven websites and web/ mobile apps. 

Laravel - This framework operates via the Model View Controller (MVC) architectural model backed by PHP. It has enough API support and packages to support the development lifecycle. Its key features consist of server-side rendering and dependency injection.

Django - You can count on Django for the backend development of your web apps. It helps your developers in making the websites safer and secure. It also offers essential tools to match fast-moving deadlines and challenging tasks.  

ASP .Net - This web development framework has gained popularity with its ability to create dynamic web apps for mobile and desktop. Its lightweight and high-performance characteristics have made it ever-ready for cross-platform operations.  

Express - It’s an open-source backend development framework that develops web apps with Java. Its ability to design robust APIs and support from a huge community of developers makes it a globally accepted framework.    

Spring - Created for Java, Spring framework helps programmers to develop simple and flexible web applications/ systems that reflect faster loading times. It’s widely used to build high-end business apps and websites.   

Angular - It’s a TypeScript-based, open-source web framework that is capable of elevating your custom mobile app development environment. It’s a frontend framework that designs web apps compatible with all platforms. 

Ember - It’s an open-source JavaScript (JS) framework supported by the Model View View Model (MVVM) architecture. It helps developers to create highly scalable Single Page Applications (SPAs) and dynamic websites. 

Meteor - This web framework works best to process instant prototyping and cross-platform operations. It’s an open-source framework that uses JS to develop real-time web, mobile, and desktop applications. 

Vue - It’s a JS framework that helps developers seamlessly integrate multiple third-party solutions. It offers a myriad of UI components that make SPA and website development easier than ever before. 

With all the above, you would have understood that each framework has its own set of uses and benefits. As such, you need to go beyond the popularity and decide which one perfectly fits your requirements.


Jimm Frost

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