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What are the negative effects of stress?

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Shivani Mehul

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In the modern-day world of adverse work-life and unhealthy eating habits, levels of stress have considerably gone up. It has come to a point where people often search for ways to relieve stress and anxietyIf you are the one suffering from stress, it is important to know the negative effects of stress and see how it impacts the overall body performance. 

Affecting Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems

Frequent stress hormones affect the Cardiovascular along with respiratory systems. During the stress period, you will tend to breathe a lot faster, inhale double level of oxygen and blood flow will increase in your body. In case if you have asthma or any breathing issue, stress levels can make it harder for you to breathe. 

Digestive System

If your body is under constant stress, it negatively affects the liver functioning. It tends to produce larger quantities of glucose for giving a boost to your body. Also, if you are suffering from chronic stress, the body may not be able to handle larger quantities of glucose. This can lead to type 2 diabetes and other severe conditions in the nearby future. 

Unnecessary Weight Gain

Longer levels of stress can cause body cortisol to increase, which is known as the “stress hormone.” With such increasing levels, your appetite is bound to rise, and you will end up eating more than usual. You will tend to eat every junk food causing immediate weight gain. More precisely, you will get fat around the midsection, making you feel tired, stressful, and uneasy all day long.

Poor Memory

As you know, cortisol increases weight gain; it even affects overall memory functioning. Whenever you are dealing with stress, cortisol affects the brain’s overall performance making it dull.  Even for students dealing with stress, it can hinder their grades, making them scoreless and live a depressing life. 

A decrease in Sleep Quality

Sleeping is the basic need for every individual, and if you are having stress issues, things can get bad for you. Every person needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep, but during periods of stress, you sleep just for 4 to 5 hours. Well, Results? Your energy levels will be low, you will feel tired, and productivity levels will surely be at the lowest. 

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Mariana Pobornikova

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Most importantly, the negative result of stress is your negative reactions to the world and other people, which in turn lead to your poor experience with people, and lead to a less satisfying and happy life. To make things worse, these negative results in life only reinforce your self-limiting beliefs which led to the stress in the first place. So we find ourselves fighting the 'stressful' world and the 'toxic' people and circumstances, whereas in reality it's us who perceive the world through 'stressed' lenses. 

The key is to change our perspective (beliefs, thoughts and reactions) and then - gradually - we'll see a less stressful world around us. Why else do you think some people perceive life as less stressful than others?

Personal experience of overcoming stress

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