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What are the most helpful online tools for web/graphic designers?


Rachel Sane

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Graphic designer, being one of the most demanded careers, has to have a high level of experience to stand out in the crowd. With the advent of technologies, most of the job has an online presence. Graphic designing is one such career by which you can grow tremendously. There are a lot of freelance graphic designing websites that support this.  Simply learning web designing may not help you reach the heights. There are some dedicated tools that are good to use to bring perfection in work and to deliver high-quality work to the clients availing such services. We picked some useful tools for this which managed to help many designers in a great way.

  • Adobe Color CC:  Adobe color CC is designed to offer the designers the scope to make the choice and selection of the color they want to make at the time of designing a logo, web page or even a promotional image for the client. You can create and save new colors of your choice through it.

  • Google Chrome DevTools:  Chrome DevTools is a unique set of tools for the web developers available right into the browser of Google Chrome which helps in easy debugging of the errors of the code saving a huge volume of time.

  • Photoshop: It is one of the most popular tools used by designers which helps them to move an artistic work into a whole new level in the digital world. You need such tools for creating excellent print quality images which can also be used in web designing and also speed up the designing work.

  • BeFunky: It is one of the most reliable platforms that can be used for making designs online. It consists of 3 major tools that include Collage Maker, the Photo Editor, and Designer. It's very easy to use and available for free use.

  • Front Struct: It is basically a web-based tool used for editing, creating as well as for sharing newly created fonts. It is useful for a designer who wants to expertise in creating new designs of fonts.

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