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What are the major branches of social science?

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Krishna Mehta

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As Social Science deals with a vast area of social issues and its relationship with human development and lifestyle, it is being divided into a lot of branches. There are various branches of Social Science which are universally accepted in the educational organizations as signified disciplines of studies. Every branch of social science deals with particular areas of human and social knowledge. Here are the branches of Social Science described briefly:

1. Anthropology – This is an exciting branch of Social Science which deals with the study of ancient stories and extracts which determines the human origin, civilization, culture, and development. 

2.  Economics – Economics is directly related to the current condition of the world where the necessary context deals with the creation, production, distribution, and monetization of wealth. By wealth, it does not refer to money. These are essential products or resources which has a high demand-supply market in society.

3. Political Science - The branch of Social Science which deals with the study of all the current socio-political aspects like Government policies, administration, democracy, and administrative management is called Political Science.

4. Sociology - Sociology is the detailed study of varied human cultures, traditions, social status and beliefs in various social institutions or organizations. It deals with every aspect of human society.

5. Psychology - This is perhaps the most scientific branch of Social Science. Psychology deals with various abstract entities which constitute the overall mind and the thought process of human beings, i.e., the way they behave, think, believe, perceive or internalize things and reflect that on the society.

6. Social Work - Compared to Sociology, Social Work is more defined and based on practical knowledge and practice of certain activities which deal with the observation, analyzation, improvement, and changes within an individual, group or a community. Social Work professionally helps society to get rid of problematic issues.

7. Archaeology – Archaeology also deals with ancient studies of human beings where the prime focus is on the objects or things made, used or left behind by the people at various situations of the past.

8. Law – Law, is related to the legislation and judicial systems of the country. This branch of social science deals with the study of all the sets of rules or regulations which are collectively made by the Constitution or the Government for the maintenance of order and legalization in the society.

9. Geography – Geography is again a very particular and scientific branch of Social Science which deals with the study of the physical and physiological features (mountains, rivers, trees, plains, plateaus, deserts, oceans, etc.) of the Earth. 

There are again more branches of Social Science like Philosophy, History, Communication studies, Education, Linguistics, etc.

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Jeffrey Fernandez

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Social science can be defined as one of the major academic disciplines, which deals with society as well as its relationships with individuals and society at large. There are several branches of this subject which educates students about human society functioning and the interpersonal relationship people establish being a member of this society.  

We are picking some of the major branches of social science about which one must know.

• Criminology: It is one of the most important branches of social science which deals with the study of crime and its associated causes. The subjects include Crime Media, Criminal Law, Forensics, Homicide, Rehabilitation, Punishment and many more are there on the list.

• Psychology: It can be defined as the science which deals with human behavior and mental process. It educates students about the emotional as well as behavioral features of a person, group of individuals, or activity.

• Anthropology: This is another important branch of social science which deals with studies related to human nature, the society they belong and their overall nature. A social scientist needs to conduct observation related studies to get an idea about the religious beliefs of the people, language development and their culture.

• Sociology: As the name suggests this branch of social science deals with studies related to the functioning of society, human interaction and acts as a base for the development of the subject of law.

• History: Although this subject is having a relationship with the art field still it forms a major area of study for the students of social science too. It keeps chronological records of various historic events, which speak about the development of human society or institution, with a detail explanation for the same. 

The above are only a few of the branches which are part of the vast subject called social science. Depending on their areas of interest students can select the specific branch of studies as per their choice.

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Denny Luyis

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Ben Millen

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Hello, sociology is a new topic for many students and writing an article for a sociology class can be a daunting task. It is important to remember that sociology is an empirical discipline, which means that all sociological writings (including your article) need careful research and thorough documentation. You will be asked to interpret these facts that you collect during the research phase. If you learn how to write sociology essays correctly, the rest of the semester will go smoothly. There are several steps you need to take to make sure you are doing a good job and getting the grade you want.

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