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What are the major benefits of interpersonal communication?

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John C. Brown

Focus on the good

Many of you may underestimate the importance of interpersonal communication. The main advantage of interpersonal communication is that it helps you to create strong relationships with others. At the same time, you are also able to understand and maintain them.

Many people lack the very skill of interpersonal communication. For such people, they may have to struggle a lot to express their feelings, opinion, or emotions. Not just that, but they are also not able to fully empathize with others. Now let’s take a look at the main advantages of interpersonal communication.

Benefits of Interpersonal Communication

The main advantages of interpersonal communication can be summed up into the following pointers.

  1. One of the main benefits of having interpersonal communication skills is that it helps you to build a strong connection with others. If you are good with the interpersonal skills, you are capable of building a long-lasting relationship or friendship with others. This particular skill may be of great help to you when you are in public, for example, in your workplace.

  2. Interpersonal communication is also known as face to face communication. When you get involved with a face to face conversation with a person, you have better chances of improved interaction. In other words, it helps you to understand and maintain the person better. Even if you are meeting the person for the first time having interpersonal communication skills can help you interact well with the person.

  3. With the help of interpersonal communication skills, you will also be able to persuade your audience well. To put it differently, it helps you to convince others well.

Thus, it can be said that having interpersonal communication skills is a great asset to have. It can help you to build relationships that will last for a lifetime.


Monin Rai

Seize the moment

Interpersonal skills are defined as the skills which we regularly use to communicate and interact with people, both in groups and individually as well. It has been observed that people who have really strong interpersonal skills enjoy success in both their personal and professional lives. 

What constitutes interpersonal skills?

Interpersonal skills are made up of a wide variety of skills: 

  • Most of them are centered around communication like that of questioning, listening and understanding the body language.
  • Along with the above, there are also skills which are associated with emotional intelligence, like being able to understand and control emotions.
  • There is also one other factor which often gets overlooked, and that is intuitiveness. Many have said that people who are more towards the introvert spectrum come with higher levels of emotional intelligence that almost crosses over to intuitiveness and becomes beneficial when dealing with troublesome people. 

Is Interpersonal communication limited to face-to-face communication?

Although interpersonal communication includes face-to-face communication, there are other forms of communication involved in it as well, like that of instant messaging, chatting via online chat apps and exchanging emails messages as well. What is essential for it to be interpersonal is that each of the communicators responds to the other as a person and not as an object or robot. 

Advantages of Interpersonal Communication

  • Having detailed information: When you are dealing with a very complex issue, then emails don't come through. There's a lot of back and forth, which can make misunderstandings very easily possible and on top of that, any incomplete exchange can escalate the situation. Talking face to face with the other person helps in getting more information about them and work which clarifies details. 
  • Working on major projects: This becomes easier since direct communication can help a lot in avoiding unnecessary problems. Along with this, direct communication can help indirectly addressing the points and clearing any dilemmas or misunderstandings which might occur. 
  • Well structured meeting: In any corporate setting, the major complain found from every corner is that of a long and tedious meeting. Having excellent interpersonal skills and some intuitiveness will help in understanding what will make one get the most out of meetings. Talking with the people attending it, planning it in a team rather than arbitrarily calling it and more such steps will allow one to get the most out of meetings. 
  • Reading the room: Interpersonal skills can help a person in many ways; it allows them to understand the place better and take action accordingly so that they are never in a sticky situation. 

These skills help in navigating life easier and moreover, it makes working in teams and groups much more comfortable since it allows a person to be attuned to others feelings. 


Shubhanshu Singh Verified

Let us together make this world a better place

                                                                       '' One talks nice looks nice"

Yeah, that's true,  a good communicator is always praised. Let's get straight to benefits without wasting time:

1) Professional Benefits: A good communicator always gets more than he deserves. Yeah, that's right. If you are a good communicator you are going to represent your community, closing deals and the part which most of us like is to be famous.

2) Personal Benefits: A good communicator is always invited and always loved. In our busy lives, we barely get time to talk with others, and if we do talk we talk with those who are good in it because a good communicator listens more than he speaks and that's what it makes you favorite of everyone.

Well, that's just a nutshell. But it will surely help.


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