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What are the main functions of political parties?


Krishna Mehta

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In a democratic country like India, Political parties have a lot to do with the administration and government democracy. Sometimes, people might be thinking that it is useless to have Political Parties as their work might be to give long lectures in the microphone, shouting for camp or just walking for a march. But, you should be informed that your concept is wrong. The whole democratic system is lame without the influence of Political parties. Here are the essential functions of political parties:

1. The Constitution of India never mentions the purpose of political parties, neither they belong to any part of the Government. But, have you imagined how you could know about the various policies and rules made by the Government, for you if they are not informed properly? Political parties act as the liaison between the Government and the common people. They carry the message for the common people to the Government, speak, settle and organize for a policy and then after the Government makes the rules they deliver the message to the ordinary people. 

2. Political parties have a lot to do with the Election and votes. They nominate the right candidate for the election, and if the candidate wins, that particular Party candidate rules over the Government for the well being of the common people. 

3. Political parties are the representatives for the common people as they cannot reach their message directly to the Government. Political parties reach the common people directly and listen to their problems so that they can ask the Government for a change or policy. In villages and urban areas, they directly reach the farmers, teachers, children, businessmen, operators, etc. 

4. There are numerous rules and policies made by the Government which are quite severe for the common people to follow and the Government could never know that if the political parties did not deliver these messages. They conduct meetings and settle for the policies to simplify them for the well being of the common people. Thus new policies and rules in clarifies amendments take place.

5. Even in the Judiciary, political parties put a significant impact by representing for the State. They influence to raise the voice for justice and make the common people and the media involved in such a way that an urge for social justice is craved deeply. Sometimes it makes more comfortable for the Judiciary to decide for a law or judgment due to the support of the political parties.

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