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What are the main concerns about genetic engineering?


David W Bender

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Genetic engineering is one of the new technologies in the field of advancements. It has its effects on humans, plants, animals and other various natural things. The benefits and concerns are a lot related to it. Here I am going to discuss the main concerns related to genetic engineering. So scroll down and check out:

• Genetic engineering has a lot of advantages however there are areas in which the issues caused by it are seen. For example, if the DNA of humans is mixed with the animals the result will have the organism with specific intelligence that has never been seen so in such a condition, what are the possibilities of the social as well as legal controls or reviews on any such experiment? Also, what will be the social, personal and cultural impacts of such operations? There can also be concerns regarding the risks related to the health of such breed and its long term effect on the environment. Who will be in charge of this?

• Genetic engineering can give rise to the new allergens in the food as the scientists experiment more and more with the creating of new crops the chances rise. Moreover, the sensitive people will not be in a condition to identify the particles that can cause the allergy. Most of the scientists use proteins in genetic engineering and it has a great chance of infusing the food allergens.

• Using genetic engineering can also cause antibiotic resistance because the process mostly involves genes for the antibiotic resistance. Having antibiotic-resistance genes inspired in the food particles can have two significant harmful effects. When a person will eat them they can reduce the effectiveness of the antibiotics which help in fighting many diseases and it can also make the resistance genes transferred to human or animal pathogens and that can make them unreceptive to antibiotics.

• Genetic engineering can lead to the production of new types of toxins because many of the organisms have the capability of producing toxic substances. It can also increase the poisonous substances present in the plants.

• As a result of genetic engineering, the level of concentration of the toxic materials can increase. This is because when the new genes of the crops will lead to the removal of metals like mercury which is present in the soil. Using fertilizers in such soils will lead to accumulation of toxins in the soils and that is a risk to the environment.

• Another concern is related to the increase of the toxic fungi as a result of genetic engineering.

I hope the above-mentioned points will help you in identifying the concerns related to genetic engineering.

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