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What are the limiting factors in an ecosystem?


Prerna Das

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Limiting factor can be narrowed down to the concept of environmental condition or resource which is limiting the distribution, growth of any organism on the population within the ecosystem. These factors can be both biological or physical factors which one can analyze through the different types of responses related to the decreased or increased growth or the distribution of the population.

So there are several factors which are intersecting for creating this unique ecosystem. Many of them are a part of the limiting factor of the ecosystem.

 Types of limiting factors: 

  • The natural cycle, which exists in the ecosystem will need a basic balance between non-living and living elements that are living within it. So when this balance is getting disrupted, the limiting factor starts to appear on the particular community. Because of the predators in the ecosystem, it is restricting the prey from causing overpopulation, and this is, in turn, is balancing the environment. So if any, outside agent is removing those predators from the community, then the prey is overpopulated and which is why people are noticing a significant effect on the availability of food within that particular committee.
  • It won't need you to have advanced education to understand that a particular place is facing drought. For the ecosystem, temperature and climate are considered to be the limiting factors. So when an atmosphere is meeting drastic changes, it is disrupting the natural cycle of the ecosystem, and it is of the limiting factors as it can destroy the balance of an ecosystem.
  • The worst part of pollution is it will not only affect the environment or ecosystem, but they are going to eradicate it. So several regulations are implemented to protect a particular situation from all the threatened species along with maintaining the threat of extinct species because of the pollution or other natural phenomena. Clean water, clean soil and fresh air are necessary to reduce the impact that is occurring negatively on the environment or ecosystem.
  • Even the population of the trees that are growing in large amount, but it is not a rich source of useful energy needed for the consumer is also a reason for blaming when it comes to the limiting factor.

All essential resources will be controlling the growth along with the well being of an organism, and that is why the task of limiting factor persists.

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