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What are the key elements of motivation?

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Jack Rabin

Keep it real

We all have some motivation in our lives as this is the factor that drives us and keeps us living. We know that there is no life without motive, but none of us have ever thought about what are the elements that keep us motivated? Well, different factors are there for different persons, but the experts divide it into three parts. Let’s have a look at three of these elements given below. 


This is the first element that a person needs to get motivated. The trend in this regard means the goal that you have targeted in your life. It says for you to have motivation in your life, a specific goal is required. Without it, there is no use of motivation. The term purpose could also understand it. For the completion of this target or object of your life, you need some inspiration or encouragement, and that could be explained in simpler terms as motivation. So, to get motivated the direction of your actions should be defined.


The intensity in simple words means the strength that you put to achieve that goal of your life, the amount of energy that you spend for the fulfillment of that purpose of your life. For example, if a person wants to prove himself in his office, then he can do extra work for it. We have seen certain cases where people do overtime and many other things to get that success in their work, and it finally works also. So the intensity or the motivational force helps the person in achieving what he desires. Therefore, you must have understood the importance of this crucial factor.


If we talk about the three of the critical factors that are there behind any motivation, then persistence is one of them. Although this is known as the time that one invests in achieving the target of his life, this could be understood by the term determination. This implies that more persistence is easier is the way of making the goal that you want in your life. The strong commitment means that the resolution that you have taken for yourself is healthy too.

So, these are the key factors that lead to motivation. These are the basic three factors that have to be there in any person if he or she wants that motivation in his or life. 

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Chand Shere

Trust yourself

Every now and then we use this word “Motivation” in our daily lives. We often try to help someone who’s under cosmic pressure (or depression) by offering valuable advice, which again counts as motivation. But what is “motivation”?

Well, motivation is the process in which a person stimulates positive energy into the mind and body of another individual, which helps him to perpetrate any goals/desires. The person who is stimulating positive energy is called the motivator. Motivation can be in different forms, a motivator can motivate a person using his/her location, or his actions, his dedication, and willpower to achieve something back-breaking, etc. 

Apart from this, motivation is of 11 different types, which are:

  • Intrinsic/Extrinsic Motivation

  • Expectancy Motivation

  • Achievement Motivation

  • Equity Motivation

  • Power Motivation

  • Arousal Motivation

  • Attitude Motivation

  • Social Motivation

  • Incentive/Reward Motivation

  • Fear Motivation

  • Learning Motivation

Now, what are the key ingredients of motivation, which makes it a powerful tool for influencing others?
Motivation has 5 key elements;

  1. Stimulus:
    The stimulus is just like a spark, which initiates the whole process of motivation. The stimulus can be in different avatars; for example, an individual executing any rigorous activity even when his/her body starts giving up can be a source of motivation. Or a physically challenged person doing something exceeding all his/her body limits, soldiers dying while protecting the country, can also act as a stimulus for motivation.

  2. Direction:
    The direction is the set goal, which one has to achieve through hard work and dedication. Both intrinsic and extrinsic factors shape the direction, and the elders generally help the younger ones in setting their direction.

  3. Intensity:
    Intensity is the extent/power of response by an individual, towards his set direction (goals). It is often described as the force of motivation.

  4. Persistence:
    Persistence is the time duration for which an individual maintains his intensity towards his/her set goals. Persistence is an amalgamation of willpower, dedication, and patience.

  5. Feedback:
    Feedback means learning from previous mistakes and adjusting the behavior to avoid those mistakes in the near future. It is a paramount ingredient and is responsible for shaping and uplifting the performance of an individual.


Shubhanshu Singh Verified

Let us together make this world a better place

Well, let us talk in a language so that everyone can understand. Apart from those lame definitions, this is what motivation is and its key elements  really are:

"Motivation" is the fuel that drives us to achieve what we want. Its the hunger to get something you really want and are really ready to go to any extent. It is the fuel that converts our  Ideas into Action.  Motivation isn't a feeling or a state of mind it is the part of the personality which everyone can develop o their own.

So, here are the key elements:

1) Initiation

                                                                                  "The first step is always the worth"

The initiation i.e. the step when you decide to convert your idea into action is the moment you initiate. This step is the first and the crucial step towards success because the moment when you initiate you elevate yourself from the stage of stagnation to the state of flow.

2) Persistent

                                                     "The fine line which decides success or failure is Persistence"

This element is what motivation is all about, doing a task for one or two days is a piece of cake but to make it a habit is what the success demands as success is not a phenomenon it's a habit and habits take time. To drive yourself to success always keep the pedal to the metal of motivation.

3) Intensity:

                                                                    "Intensity determines the pace of success"

The more impactful you are and the more you commit yourself to your goal, the faster and better will be the result. Only the persistent won't work alone until you make your actions impactful.  As the intensity is what separates the achievers from under-achievers.

                                                                         "The feeling of being the best is motivation"

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