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What are the key differences between the greenhouse effect and global warming?


Ehsaan Ali

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With the growing advent of technological progress and various chemical industries, people of the 21st century has definitely come across a great advancement of life, but at the same time, these certain advances of modern life has also given rise to the two most serious and harmful issues for which people are effectively working to reduce-- Global warming and greenhouse effect. As the reasons for the rise of these two extremely serious issues are almost similar, thus people sometimes mistakenly find these two things similar. But, the truth is, there are still some differences between the greenhouse effect and global warming. Here you can find the key differences between the two.

To start with, first, you need to know about the definitions of each of the terms:

The greenhouse effect is related to the radiation and warmth of the Sun. Due to the extreme increase of pollution, the ozonosphere of this getting weak, day by day as a result of which the harmful UV rays of the Sun is getting trapped in the lower part of the atmosphere. Thus, the rays are easily getting passed through the earth’s atmosphere, and the visible radiation is affecting it. The infrared radiation is getting weakened. This is called the greenhouse effect. 

On the other hand, global warming is related to the climatic or temperature change of the earth due to the effect of harmful CFCs along with other carbon-related products. The temperature of the earth is gradually getting increased day by day, and the normal frequency of the climates are getting vanished. The various greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane, helium, etc., get absorbed in the atmosphere along with the harmful radiation of the sun and causes a gradual increase in the temperature. As the days are passing by, the heat of the earth is getting increased due to global warming.

Greenhouse effects are the prime reason for the initial increase of temperature as the Sunrays are directly radiated through the planet’s atmosphere. But global warming somewhat depends on greenhouse gases like dioxide, methane, helium, etc. When greenhouse gases combine with the harmful radiation of the sun, global warming is formed.

Global warming can be controlled through technological advances in a way that less amount of greenhouse gases are being utilized in the modern day living machinery. As a result, they do not harm the growth of the plants or greeneries of the earth. Greenhouse effects are quite difficult to tackle and harms the plant's growth a lot. 

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