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What are the job opportunities after computer engineering?


George Thomason

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When it comes to job opportunities after a degree in computer engineering, you will find that there are plenty in both private and government institutions. With technology being a part of our everyday lives, and with computers ruling our routine, it comes as no surprise that computer engineering has a better career prospect than other disciplines.

From a developer of games to managing the IT services, there is no shortage of opportunities for you. Recruitments are happening every day in different sectors from manufacturing to telecommunications, from agricultural to public areas. We will see a few options in detail here.

  • Software developer: As you can infer from the name, the job requires you to create software programs for computers, mobile devices, tablets, etc. From the development of the software, testing, deployment, and maintenance, a software developer has a significant role to play. You would need to be creative technically and can solve technical issues fluently. Additionally, skills that encompass the knowledge of multiple programming languages can come in quite handy.
  • Graphic designer: If you are a computer engineer with a highly creative mind, then this is your best field to enter. Apart from working on creative projects, you will also enjoy a considerably flexible working hour. Most of the computer engineers opt to be the front end designers who are all about designing the web page. Furthermore, you can indulge yourself in learning and specialize in other aspects like user interface designing which will get you more career momentum.
  • Systems or programming analyst: This would be much suited to those who have gained experience in programming. This would require you to study the existing systems and computer architecture of the company and design changes that will help optimize their efficiency. You can say that the programming analyst bridges the gap between the business requirements and the technology in a company to achieve the desired result. You have to keep learning continuously to stay in sync with the evolving technology and also think from an overall organizational perspective when making modifications.
  • Database admin: It is not just the management of the database that you are required to do in this role, but you also have to analyze the requirement of data by various users. With the evolving needs of the users, you should also be able to change the system, and ensure that relevant information is stored securely and is easy to retrieve with write access.

Apart from the above mentioned, there are also various other options like Computer architect who deals with improving computing systems, designing AI, designing computer parts, robotics, information security officer and various other applications in different industries across the world.

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