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Operations management is one of the major branches of management science which chiefly deals with planning, organizing as well as supervising of the process of production, manufacturing as well as other types of operational services. Operations management deals with supply chain management as well as logistics.  On the other hand, we can define productivity as a quantitative relation which exists between what exactly we produce and what we used as a resource for the production.  Productivity takes into account the efficiency of this production system. 

There are 2 types of factors which are influencing productivity in Operations management;


  • Man Power:
    Selection of the right candidates for the right job is one of the critical elements which affect productivity in case of operations management. Who needs training and who won’t, also need to be taken into consideration for increasing productivity. 

  • Plant and equipment:  
    Plant and equipment will play an active role in increasing the productivity of the operation. Increased availability of plant with lower downtime can increase productivity.

  • Materials:
    Use of quality materials and appropriate stock of materials will improve productivity.

  • Time:
    Time is a significant factor in increasing productivity. Inspection time for raw materials, finished goods, production time, and maintenance time of equipment all need to be taken into consideration. 


  • Structural adjustments:
    It covers both economic and social changes which affect the productivity of operations (Technology, Competition, Employment shift, Women labor, etc.) significantly.

  • Government infrastructure:
    Government policies, as well as program, play a significant role in productivity practices.

This is not the end of the list of factors which affects productivity in operations management. The above ones are the significant and most important one which are must to consider in case there is a need for improving the productivity of the company.

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