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What are the different ways to practice hacking?


satishwar nadig

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Practice makes everybody perfect, and this is so true. Whether it is hacking or any other field, if you want to be successful, you have to work hard for it. If you are new to hacking and you have no idea where it is legal to practice your hacking skills, this is no more an issue. Here we will discuss those forums where you can enhance your hacking skills without any problem. Here they are;

  • DAMN VULNERABLE IOS Application: This is an IOS app that has been designed for hackers, students, and security specialists. This app helps people to practice their hacking skills at this forum. This IOS app is free of cost, and people can freely practice at this platform.

  • bWAPP: This term stands for Buggy Web Application. This is an insecure web application that is also free of cost. People who are interested in hacking, they can even utilize the advanced features of this application. The feature of the Bee-box has also been introduced in this app.

  • WebGoat: WebGoat is a platform that is created by OWASP. This is an insecure web application that provides a great learning environment for its users. This app truly helps to understand web app security. You can call it a teaching tool that focuses on different vulnerabilities. It is also available in source versions.

  • This is an ideal platform that hosts so many vulnerable apps. This platform permits its community to share and host their vulnerable application codes for different research purposes. People can also learn from the experiences of others.

  • Hack The Box: It is another online platform that helps you to check your penetrating skills. You can even share your views, skills, and methodologies with other members and you can gain knowledge by practicing the guidelines of others.

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