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What are the different types of traditional marketing ?


Sabina Patil

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Traditional marketing is the old-school way of marketing products. It is primarily comprised of 4 different sub-categories which include product, its price, the promotion of the product and the place.
It involves all the ways of marketing which were present before the cyber world became dominant. The tools which are generally used in traditional marketing involves books, magazine, printed leaflets, newspaper, billboards, different flyers, radio, word of mouth, and television broadcasting as well.

Let us now learn about the different tools in details.

Printed Media

The printed mode of promotion includes the use of advertisements published in magazines, different newspapers, leaflets, etc. This printed method of promotion falls under both the mass as well as the niche-marketing, which includes people from different sections of the society.

Direct Mailing

The direct mailing system of promotion involves the promotion of a particular product through the use of different fliers, postcards, brochures, etc. by direct mailing services. Direct mailing is more of a specific type of promotion as it focuses on a selected part of the market.
This system is costly as it requires printing of postcards, fliers and also the cost needed in mailing services gets added up.


This way of promotion uses the television and the radio broadcasts for promoting a product. This method is used to promote a product to a larger mass of audience in a stipulated period.
This way of promotion is a bit costlier as compared to other methods.

Using Referrals

This is the most cost-efficient way of promotion. It involves spreading of knowledge about a company or a product via loyal customers to other audience to turn them into potential clients.

Now, there are many advantages of traditional marketing which are mentioned below.

  • The promotion of a product using Traditional methods of marketing requires lesser time to reach to the audience.

  • Traditional Marketing is easily assessable by all sections of society.

  • The promotion done by traditional marketing stays longer in the minds of the people.

  • Traditional marketing allows recycling of promotional products like posters, flyers, leaflets, etc.

  • Traditional Marketing is easily understandable by the older people and the people who don’t have internet access.

Traditional Marketing is an essential tool of marketing which has the power to attract all the sections of society.

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