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What are the different types of parenting styles?


Catherine Gleron

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Being a parent is not natural by any means. It is very much vital to taking proper care of your child all the time so that they can get the best guidance and care they require. But there are different ways of parenting a child and every parent use one of these ways to make sure their child is under control. Well, there are 4 major ways of parenting styles which are - Neglectful, Permissive, Authoritarian and Authoritative.

Now you would want to know more details about them right? So in this article, we will be discussing these four crucial ways of parenting styles so that you can get a better idea about which method of parenting is more effective.

Authoritative Parenting - In this style of parenting, the parent have high levels of expectations from their child. But at the same time, they are responsive and are dedicated to make ample time to discuss and consult about a matter with the child. Parents who follow this style of parenting are supportive, understanding and encourage their child in different things. This allows the child to be more happy and independent.

Authoritarian Parenting - In this style of parenting, the children are under strict rules and pressure of the parent to follow a particular set of discipline and conduct according to the parents. They also use various punishments when the child does not act or work according to their control. They are not very independent when it comes to nurturing their child. As a result of this, the children have poor social skills and the courage to take up different endeavors.

Neglectful Parenting - Parents of this style of parenting do not have high expectations nor do they have the strict discipline for their children. They are not very involved in their child's daily routine and tend to neglect most of their demands or problems. Mostly, these parents suffer from mentally or emotionally unstable themselves.

Permissive Parenting - These parents show great affection and warmth towards their children. They do not enforce any rules or regulations over their child and give way to all of their demands. These parents have very little control over the children and never like to disappoint them.

So these are the different styles of parenting which are generally seen among the people. Out of all of these styles, mostly Authoritative style of parenting is found to be more balanced and helps to build a positive relationship between the child and parents.

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