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What are the different sectors of healthcare?


Ehsaan Ali

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When it comes to the services and facilities of the healthcare sector, it is not confined to a single unit. Any healthcare sectors have several units and as they serve for a variety of issues and problems of human beings. To let you know in brief about all the sectors of a healthcare unit, here we are providing the details below. 

1. Hospital

Hospitals are units where all types of medical treatments, diagnosis, indoor and outdoor patient services, surgeries, medical determinations, etc. are performed. The various categories of the services include Psychiatric services, Family Planning & Abortion Clinics, Dental Laboratories, Blood & Organ Banks. Emergency & Other Outpatient Care Centers, etc. 

2. Medical and Healthcare Professionals and practitioners

Healthcare unit is dependant on efficient medical and healthcare practitioners or professionals. They can be Cardiologist or Psychologist, or Dermatologist or Psychiatrists or Social Workers or Optometrists or Gynaecologists, etc. 

3. Nursing and residential care

For prolonged treatments and emergency services, residential care units are also provided with better nursing and supervision facilities.  

4. Radiology department

A proper diagnosis can only be done after a proper test and examination. Thus a healthcare unit has a radiology department with various Surgical devices, electrotherapeutic instruments and machines intervened by expert professionals. 

5. Health insurances

There are certain units in the healthcare sector which deals with the facilities and benefits of healthcare and medical insurances so that people can get better discounts and cost-effective services. People who visit healthcare units with certain insurance policies on behalf of their friends or relatives can get full assistance and support from the insurance departments.

6. The pharmaceuticals

For the sake of comfort and reduction of the stress of the patients regarding finding medicines, vaccines and various other necessities, the healthcare units always have an attached pharmaceutical center where 24-hour service is offered with medications, vaccines and many other things. Even there are attached pharmaceutical industries which produce their medicines by own under government registered license and are involved with testing, packaging, preserving, marketing, etc. 

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