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What are the different applications of robotics?


Ganesh Lala

All by myself

Humans have made several advancements with the course of evolution, which have made lives easier. The 21st century witnessed some of the greatest advancements in the field of science and technology. One such massive innovation was the field of robotics, which revolutionized our approach towards everything. And with time, we started making more and more precise and advanced robots that might someday replace humans. In this module, we’ll be focusing on some of the best applications of robotics in our daily life.

  • Automotive Sector

    Automotive is one of the sectors which has been using robots for a long time. Some of the applications of robots in the automotive sectors include:

    •  Handling heavy loads
    • Precise assembly of goods
    • Welding
    • Automated paint jobs
    • Advanced monitoring of other equipment and machinery involved in the production process

  • Space exploration
    Robots are being used for exploring outer space, the most famous being the Mars Rover, which was launched by NASA. Such rovers are used to investigate the surface of the different planets and give evidence for life-supporting conditions.

  • Military Sectors

    Military sectors are using robots as advanced weaponry. Use of drone-based fighter jets, rovers for spying and other stealth missions, use of predator drones for investigation and photography, etc. Such robots can be used in missions that require absolute precision.

  • Medical Sectors

    Robots have found their applications in the medical sectors as well. Operations that took several hours in the past can now be finished in the blink of an eye and with utmost precision. Apart from surgery, robots are used for diagnosis and advanced imaging of internal body parts for potential threats.

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