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What are the courses that I need to take up in the field of Robotics?

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Robotics is a massive field and comprises of not one but several concepts.

You first need to outline your own prerequisites. For instance, what is it that you are most comfortable with?

Whether you wish to be a programmer or a motion planning expert. 

How you choose a course would also depend on your current skillset and qualification.

There are various courses available online for you to pursue and get a clear idea concerning where you fit in with respect to your skills and interest.


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Robotics is a multidisciplinary engineering field with abundant opportunities to grab lucrative placements. This field deals with designing, building as well as applying them in different sectors. 
The robotic courses vary from hand-on technical courses to theoretical classes. The robotics courses available during the postgraduate level are M.Tech in Robotics, M.Tech in Intelligent system, M.Tech in Automation, and M.Tech in Mechatronics. 

At the M.Tech and Doctoral levels, an engineering student gets to choose one of the below-mentioned specialization subjects-

  • Digital Electronics and Microprocessor
  • Automation (Operating a process by automatic means)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computational Geometry (This is a mathematical field of robotics and includes analysis and implementation of algorithms to solve geometrical problems)
  • Signal Processing
  • Air traffic management system
  • Micro robotics (This is the field of miniature robotics with less than 1 mm of its characteristic dimension).
  • Bio-cybernetics (It is a medium for application and theory-oriented aspects of processing information in different organisms, which include motor, ecological, cognitive, and sensory)

As an aspiring robotics student, you may even wish to consider a course in motion planning and computer vision. A course in this field will help you use experimental algorithms and 2D and 3D image recognition sensors in robots. 

Artificial Intelligence is another exciting course one can opt for. In this course, a student learns about programming a robot for decision making, learning, and planning. A student also assesses the relations between probability and AI. 

If you wish, you can pursue a doctoral course in robotics to research about the future of robotics in technology and various other fields.

You can do these courses on campus or through online classes. However, on-campus courses are always a better option as you get easy access to robotics and automation laboratory, which is not available in the case of online robotics courses.



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Jack of all trades, master of none. This speech is totally true for robotics engineer. You have to know a bit of everything (related to robotics) rather than being expert in one area. Actually, robotics doesn't look like other traditional jobs. For example, if you want to be a lawyer then study law, if you want to be an interpreter then study languages, if you want to be a doctor then study medicine, if you want to be a robotics engineer then well.... okay, let's give an answer with details.

It is very necessary having a good understanding of STEM which is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. If you're in high school try to spend more time on physics and math because physics covers lots of useful topics that used in robotics such as mechanics and electronics. Math is one of the very first subjects that help you a lot to apply your knowledge to problems. For example, good knowledge of math helps you to analyze electrical circuits and to calculate kinematics of robot body.

I guess everyone will agree robotics is a branch of engineering disciplines - mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering (or computer science).If you are looking for online courses you can try this 

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