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What are the consequences of technology on environment?


Ankida Balamurali

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We are living in an era where technology is running our lives. The evolution of technology is helpful, but it has changed our lives drastically. It has completely changed our day-to-day lifestyle habits. Technology saves time and energy. But we cannot ignore the fact that technology is completely controlling us these days. We are glued to our phones and computer screens, all day. Technology has its pros, but its cons are too big, and its effect on the environment is so vast and damaging.

Following are some of the significant consequences of the technology on the environment:

Environmental Pollution
Technology causes harm to the environment and contributes to the pollution directly. Pollution is one of the significant environmental problems, and technological advancements and the increasing industrialization increases the level of pollution. The increased production in the industries is also one of the major causes of environmental pollution. The expanding use of technology leads to air, water, and noise pollution and affects our environment adversely.

Environment Degradation
One of the most significant consequences of technology is that it leads to environmental degradation and the depletion of the resources. The technological advancements increase industrial activities and to fulfill those industrial processes, more natural resources are required. The unsustainable use of natural resources leads to environmental degradation which is a life-threatening issue.

Excessive Power Consumption
The technology is used in all the fields. Be it education field, our homes or the corporate sectors, everywhere there is the use of one or other technological equipment. As mentioned, we are glued to our screens, all day and every day. Therefore, we require electrical energy to do our work non-stop, and the burning of fossil fuels generates this electric energy. An increase in the generation of electricity means the depletion of our natural resources which is a life-threatening issue and cannot be ignored.

There is a creation of technological waste which is very harmful to the environment. Manufacturing technical equipment also creates waste. The technological equipment and electronics consist of hazardous materials, and if disposed into the environment, this can pose various health issues and harm human life.

Disrupts Ecological System
In the name of development, the land is being cleared, and trees are being cut because of which our ecological cycle is affected which is harmful to the environment.

Health Hazards
The toxic and harmful products used to produce new technology is detrimental to our health. These can interfere with our body and can cause serious health problems such as cancer and carpal tunnel syndrome.

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