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What are the common symptoms of depression?


Tabeed Vyas

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There can be N numbers of causes responsible for causing depression in the life of an individual. There are different symptoms and also multiple reasons which can develop depression. People, who are prone to worry too much, generally have low self-esteem. They remain highly sensitive towards personal criticism.  Being perfectionists about self and because of having a negative mindset they have a risk at the higher end to develop depression in them. If attention is not given well in time, it can affect their body and destroy their family life very badly. Women are more prone to depression than men.

Major causes of depression in women:

•    Biology and Hormones

•    Psychological Causes

•    Social Causes

 Common symptoms indicating depression in an individual:

•    Sadness:   Feeling sad all the time is one of the major symptoms of depression.  Life will seem like complete hopeless and vacant. Even after making several efforts you will find you are unable to control the feeling of sadness.

•    Introvert behavior:  You will not feel like stepping out of the house and intentionally will not show any interest in work or school homework. You will start keeping a distance with friends and even family members. Will show an increased inclination towards drugs, alcohol or sedatives. Find difficulty in concentrating on any work and stay away from any entertainment activities.

•    Guilt:  Guilt is something which can spoil the life of a person very badly. People having a critical level of depression will consider them to be worthless and feel helpless in life. They will start considering their depression a major sign of weakness in them, and behave abnormally.

•    Lack of energy:  If an individual is suffering from depression, he/she may get tired very frequently. They may feel that they are lacking in physical abilities and do work in slowed down motion.

•    Physical problems:  A feeling of sickness and run down remains with the person all the time, having depression. You may see a chronic headache and muscle spasm in the person with a churning gut. Sleep remains always disturbed creating a feeling of tiredness all the time.  You may find the loss of appetite and a certain change in the food habits of the person with depression. There can also be a major increase in the weight of the person.

The above are some of the major and common symptoms which you can see in a person suffering from depression. 

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