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What are the causes of depression?


Sadhika Ravish

Conquer from within

Everybody is cautious about their physical health problems and treatments, but hardly careful and worried about their mental health. People do a lot of things to keep their body fit but never pays attention to problems like depression. But, you may never know how much effect depression may cause in your life. Starting from the younger generation to the older, no age group is free from sorrow. As a result, the number of fatal deaths like suicides, attempt to suicide, crimes, addiction, etc. have increased a lot. When depression level increases, it results in massive depressive disorders for which medication is a necessity. Here are the reasons why one can go to depression.

Social cause:

1. Modern day lifestyle is very much prone to depression. Along with the increase in work pressure, responsibilities, and stress the personal life is being hampered a lot. A large number of marital disputes, separations, divorces, break-ups take place and this leads a person to depression. 

2. People who take drugs and alcohol on a regular basis get a victim to massive depressive disorders. Various drugs like stimulants, corticosteroids, anticonvulsants, statins, benzodiazepines, and beta-blockers which are even medically used leads to depressions as well.

3. A lot of people cannot readily accept sudden unwanted life situations like the death of a near one, financial loss, accidents, health problems, etc.. These create loneliness, and eventually results in depression. 

4. Social issues like unemployment, loss of career opportunity makes a person remain out of social circles, and this gradually takes them to depression. 

Physical cause:

1. People who don’t care about their proper intake of food and nutrition are highly prone to depression. When your body lacks necessary vitamins and minerals,   you may face mental issues like depression.

2. Diabetes or an increase in blood sugar level and high or low blood pressure is another physical cause for depression.

3. If someone is undergoing through fever or illness for an extended period, it is natural to feel down. A constant feeling of drowsiness and laziness is another cause for depression. After all, your mind and body are in strong connection to each other. 

Biological cause:

1. In some cases, depression can also be caused due to heredity or genetical problems. If there are some instances of suicides or depressive disorders in your family history chart, then be cautious. There may be a possibility or tendency to depression in you in future. If you find any of the symptoms, make sure to go through counseling. 

2. When there is an imbalance in the neurotransmitters of your brain, your tendency to remain happy or in a good mood gradually start to decrease and you may go to depression. 

3. Female are more prone to depression than male as they have various stages of life like menstruations, reproductive health, menopause, pregnancy, etc. These sex hormones are always impulsive, and thus there are inevitable ups and downs of moods. These leads to depression of female health.

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