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What are the branches of biology?


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Biology is the study of the science of life. It is originated from the Greek words "Bios" and "Logos." Bios mean life and logos mean study. Aristotle is the father of biology. A person who studies the growth, structure, functioning of a living organism is known as a biologist. The major branches of biology include botany, zoology, and microbiology. However, biology is not limited to these; there branches it also has many subdivided branches.


Botany is defined as the scientific study of plants and their life. The father of botany is Theophrastus. People who are involved in studying the life of a plant are known as botanists. Botanists conduct experiments on to understand the growth, structure, etc.; The study of plants is significant as they are the primary source of food, they release oxygen which is used by human beings for respiration purpose. Botany is also known as "plant biology." One more interesting fact is that plants make food by themselves.

Botany is further divided into:

Morphology- The study of the structure of plants 

Anatomy- The study of the internal structure of living organism like animals, human, etc.

Plant Physiology- A study of vital activities of plant

Cytology-  A study of plant cell

Ecology- The study of the environment of plants

.Genetics-  The study of heredity etc.;


Zoology is defined as the scientific study of animals and their life. It is also known as "animal biology." Aristotle is the father of zoology. Animals can move and utilize oxygen for respirations released by plants. People who study the life of animals are known as zoologists. The study includes the behavior of animals, growth, the relation of animals with the environment, etc.;   

Zoology is further divided into:

.Entomology- A study of insects

.Anthrozoology-  A study of the relationship between human and non-human animals.

.Helminthology- A study of worms.

.Ornithology- A study of birds. 

.Ichthyology-  A study of fish

.Herpetology-  A study of reptiles and amphibians etc.;


Microbiology is defined as the scientific study of microscopic organisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc. ;). Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek is known as the father of microbiology. People who study microscopic microorganisms are known as microbiologists. Organisms cause several diseases; hence studying them is very important. Microbes are tiny and are only visible with a microscope. Microbiologists study about the growth, structure of microorganisms.

Microbiology is further divided into:

Bacteriology: it is the study of bacteria.

Mycology: It is the study of fungi

Virology: It is the study of viruses

Phycology: It is the study of algae

Nematology: It is the study of nematodes

Parasitology: It is the study of parasites etc.;

Biotechnology, genetics Biochemistry are all the newly practiced sides of biology. These branches are utilized in numerous practical and physical experiments.

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