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What are the biggest career mistakes to avoid?


Manish Agarwal

Live passionately

A good career is a foundation for having a better life. So, it's important to be cautious as well as passionate while choosing your career. Starting a new career requires a lot of research and support to make it successful. Let us now discuss some of the biggest career mistakes you need to avoid.

Not Following Your Passion

The most crucial point to consider while choosing your career is understanding your true self. Aristotle mentioned that “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” 

You must understand your likings and dislikes, and you need to create a framework of your career taking into consideration your strengths and weaknesses.

If you find passion in your work, then it’ll pave the way to endless success. But if you frame your career based on what others are mentioning, then there will be high chances that you may end up in nowhere. Always frame your career based on your strengths and passion.

Lack of proper Job Analysis

Sometimes it happens that even when you follow your passion, you may regret at a later point in your career due to lack of proper job analysis.

Before applying for a post, you need to make proper research about what the job is demanding, the pay scale and the additional benefits. There are instances when people take up the job by looking at the pay scale and neglecting the job requirements. And later they find it difficult to fulfill the job requirements and ultimately end up in switching careers.

So you need to consider in not just the pay scale but all other requirements associated with the job.

Faking yourself for pleasing others

One of the most significant career mistakes to avoid is pretending yourself to satisfy other’s interests.

You should never lose your authenticity to serve other’s interests. In that way, you’ll be compromising your uniqueness and personality. Always be yourself and reflect your uniqueness through your work.

Lack of Upgradation

You need to keep your skills updated. You should never let your skills go out of date. The company will just cut you off if you can’t keep pace with their changing demands.

Research about the latest developments in technology and learn the necessary skills which will help you to be on top of your game.

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