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What are the best UX/UI Design Trends for 2019?


Poonam Sharma

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UX and UI are the two common terms that are known by everyone who deals with the internet world. UX stands for User experience, and UI stands for User Interface. Trends in UX/UI changes every year, and the same is the case with 2019. So here we will discuss the most common UX/UI trends for 2019.

  • 3D Graphics:
    First of all, we are going to talk about the latest trend that is the integration of 3D graphics into web and mobile interfaces. It is hard to apply this type of graphics to UI, but this trend is getting popular. A lot of hard work is required, and designers need to be careful while applying these graphics. Although it is time taking, it is eye-catching at the same time.

  • VUI or Voice User Interfaces:
    VUIs permits its users to communicate with the systems through their voices, or they can give speech commands. At present, Siri and Alexa can be cited as two main examples of VUIs. This Voice User Interface is quite different from the graphical interface, but users need to use this interface carefully as voice commands work quickly. 

  • UX for Wearables:
    We are observing a great variety of wearables in 2019 like smartwatches and many portable devices that can monitor your heartbeat and health. So here the work of UX designer is important as he needs to optimize these devices for the best experience.

  • Colorful and Customized Illustrations:
    2019 is all about customized illustrations that offer bold and vibrant colors. This is the most common trend in 2019. Companies are paying attention to this customize illustration because it helps them to differentiate their brand from their competitors. These illustrations are expensive, but they are eye-catching and they can hold the attention of targeted customers.

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