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What are the best travel blogs?

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Chloe Taylor

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Hi John,

Here are several travel blogs that I love to read: (this one might be more interesting to your better half :) Still, it's quite useful)



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Swetha Johra

Never be afraid of change

In recent years a lot of innovative travel bloggers have started gaining grounds. Each with their signature styles. In this blog, we’ll be discussing the best travel blogs you must check if you’re a travel enthusiast. But before entering into this world of travel, let us first understand what a travel blog is?

A travel blog is a blog which describes travel to some popular and exciting places, giving the audience a glimpse of the experiences they can expect when they visit the same. A travel blogger travels to various places around the world and depicts the whole journey, the overall expenses, ways to reduce the expenses, places to visit, an all other do’s and don’t’s while traveling.

Let us now consider some of the best travel blogs from different categories:

Overall Basis                                                                        

  • Curb Free with Cory Lee: One of the most recognized and award-winning travel blogger.
  • Everything Everywhere: One of the oldest and biggest travel blogging sites available at present.
  • JohnnyJet: If you’re worried about the expenses of your travel, then this site will provide you with the best ways to reduce the same and earn rewards on using a credit card.
  • OurAwesomePlanet: Ranks as the top travel blogging site in the Philippines, with quality videos.

Canadian Travel Blogs

  • BreathDreamGo: A Canada highlighting the beauty and rich culture of the Indian heritage.
  • DobbernationLoves: Covering places from around the globe and sharing rich and informative travel blogs.
  • Bacon is Magic: Traveling to far off places in search of mouth-watering food and recreating the same at home.

Female Travel Blogs

  • Absolutely Lucy: Well-informative travel blogs.
  • Adventurous Kate: Hats off to this adventure seeking solo female.
  • Alexandra Luella: Traveling the world in search of the perfect story.

Couple Travel Blogs

  • BackPackMe: Awesome adventure with Indian-Portuguese couple combo.
  • HoneyTrek: Best travel blogs for the two. Also the writers of National Geographic’s “Ultimate Journey for Two”.
  • Road Loud: Covering vast places like the wilderness, high mountain tops, crowded cities, and many such exciting places.

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