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What are the best SEO tools?


Shirley Barro

Success is not for the lazy

With an unending number of websites coming over the internet, sustaining in the competitive online market has become a huge task. Almost every website wants good traffic and that is the reason why people use SEO Tools.

You may find hundreds of SEO tools but not each of those can be beneficial for your website. To find the best one for you, you need strict research. However, Let’s go through some really effective SEO tools which can grow your website and business.

  • SEO Power Suite

The SEO Power Suite is probably the best toolkit which covers a detailed step of SEO Campaign to calibrate options as per your interest. It also delivers a good set of a keyword research tool which helps you to rank better on Google. 

  • SemRush

If you are willing to find specific keywords in your niche, SemRush is the one you are searching for. Experts in the SEO industry use this to rank their websites in a better way. Based on the keyword metrics provided by this tool, they curate their content and give a better experience to their users which ultimately generate revenue from traffic. 

  • Google Search Console

 Google Search Console helps in monitoring your site’s overall performance. It gives an insight on page impressions, and clicks which can help you to determine the next strategical move. This also helps to understand Google and its user view of your website. This tool is offered for free for anyone with a website.

  • KW Finder

For keyword research, nothing can be a simpler tool than KW Finder. It brings the perfect keyword selection ideas with competition displaying alongside each keyword. Further, it even helps in finding the long tail keywords which are equally essential to make your website rank on Google. 

  • Moz

As per experts all over the world, Moz is a complete SEO tool. Despite Google’s changing algorithms, Moz was able to cope up with it and till date, it is providing quality SEO services. Whether you look to search for competitive keywords or finding backlinks for your website, Moz has got it all.  They also give a unique MozBar which helps in viewing the store’s metrics while browsing different pages.

  • Answer The Public

If you find difficulty in searching for a perfect topic, Answer The Public can do the job for you. With this SEO tool, you can easily find relevant keywords, write on that topic and rank online, in a better way.  For example, if you are in a cooking niche, you can find top ranked keywords on that niche, write effective content and rank better on Google search results. Lastly, it’s a great SEO tool to find featured snippets which have the highest value in Google rankings.

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