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What are the best sales forecasting softwares?


Nilima Maheshwar

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Sales forecasting software is known to evaluate business data and generates a report of expected sales based on the latest trends. In other words, a sales forecasting software is used to find out information on sales target, potential sales and achieved sales. When it comes to choosing a sales forecasting software, it can be a challenging task as you are required to look into several things. In short, you need to choose the software that is going to be beneficial for your business.

Best sales forecasting software

Some of the best sales forecasting software used by businesses include:

1. Zoho CRM

This is one of the most affordable options you can go for. This simple software is known to come with many helpful integrations with other products such as QuickBooks, Google Docs and Google apps. Along with that, the product is also integrated with a project management module. This particular software is mainly used by growth and outreach teams. The best thing about the software is that it produces very user-friendly filters and reports.

2. Clari

If you are looking for a predictive sales analytics tool, then you can go for Clari. The software is packed with several useful features which makes it an ideal choice for businesses. With the help of this app, you can get on-the-go mobile forecast updates. Not just that, but the software can also show you all working deals accurately. Also, the software is known to run very well.

3. Copper

Copper (Formerly ProsperWorks) is the only CRM tool that is recommended and used by Google. The software is known to deliver real-world and real-time analytics that enables you to get a real insight into your data. Not just that, but it is also easy to use and can be integrated with a large number of Google G suite applications including Gmail, calendar, g-docs, etc. Additionally, you can also synchronize the software with the systems that you are already using.

4. Vanguard software

With the help of this particular software, you can make well-informed decisions. This, as a result, will allow you to make better use of your resources to improve your financial performance, marketing allocations, production management, human capital management, operations planning, and sales. The software is designed to predict demand based on which you can improve your production scheduling and also manage your inventory better. Not just that, but the software can also help you with your financial planning.

Now that you know about some of the best sales forecasting software, you should be able to choose the right one for your business. You need to choose the software that suits the need of your business the best.

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