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What are the best machine learning courses I can learn?


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One of the spheres of the technical field, which gained worldwide popularity and became the backbone of all major advancements is undoubtedly machine learning. Machine Learning paved the way for superior advancements like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, etc. In this module, we have made a compilation of some of the best machine learning courses which you can refer to a better understanding of the field. But before hopping directly into the course, let us first define Machine Learning.

Machine Learning is a branch of science dealing with the study of different algorithms and statistical models that are implemented into the computers to carry out specific tasks.

  • Machine Learning Certification by Stanford University
    This is the highest-rated machine learning course available in the market at present. It features:

    • Both parametric and non-parametric algorithms, and advanced topics like dimensionality reduction, clustering, etc.
    • Flexible, compatible as per the needs of the students.
    • Clarify all doubts from a community of like-minded people.
    • Enjoy a trial run of 7 days before enrolling for the main course.
    • Official Link:
  • Machine Learning Data Science Course by Harvard University
    Another highly popular machine learning course incorporates the use of motivating case studies, selective questions based on the analysis of huge amounts of data, statistical analysis, data analysis, fundamentals of R, etc.

  • Deep Learning Certification by
    Claims the second position after a machine learning course by Standford University. This course is taught by the co-founder of Coursera, who has successfully headed several projects like Google Brain Project, Baidu AI group, etc. This course encloses the fundamentals of building a neural network, fundamentals of building machine learning projects, etc. It features real-time case studies on different sectors like medical, fun and entertainment, natural language, processing, etc.

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