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What are the best life hacks for extremely introverted people?


Chand Shere

Trust yourself

You know things are serious when the introverts arrive. Introverts are the one who prefers a calm, soothing environment and prefers to spend time alone rather than spending time with the crowd. Now being an introvert is not easy. It is rather challenging.

Below are some mentioned points which will make the lives of introverts easier.

Spending Some Lone Time

  1. Introverts find peace in staying alone rather than in between a crowd.
    Introverts start losing their energy when they spend time like an extrovert, and this loss in strength can make them grumpy, short-tempered, anxious, etc. So the introverts need to conserve their energy to be in a cheerful mood.  Avoid being in a large group and spend some time alone.
    You can plan for an adventurous trip. Explore known and unknown places; you can also prepare for outdoor camping if you are an adventure lover.
    While traveling alone, you don’t have to worry about anyone’s agenda and enjoy your trip the way you want to.

  2. Follow your intuition
    As the introverts spend maximum time with themselves, they have a higher level of self-awareness. Introverts generally are very honest to themselves, and so is their inner voice. They introspect, retrospect and speculate before taking any decisions. As a result of such calculated decisions, introverts generally take the perfect choices.
    Listen to your inner voice rather than all those changing opinions of society. In this way, you will face lesser setbacks in life.

  3. Find happiness in even boring tasks.
    Introverts are very specific when it comes to everyday tasks. Introverts have the habit of procrastinating tasks which are monotonous like doing laundry, cleaning rooms, shopping, etc.
    To lift your mood, make those tasks interesting by using creative ideas like specifying a time frame for performing a task, or finishing work before the music stops, etc.
    You can also add a mini-reward system like when you finish a task within the specified time rate; you can reward yourself with a chocolate or ice cream etc.

    In this way, you will find the most tedious tasks to be exciting and fun.

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