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What are the best home automation technologies available today?

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Madhu Mannen

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Automation refers to the use of machines, computers, or electronic devices that operate automatically. Automation increases quality and productivity. It also reduces expenses and human labor costs. In reality, automation is changing the way things operate and people’s performance in their jobs. Home automation industry is also growing at a very rapid rate these days. Many consumers invest in these smart home technologies for their comfort, safety, and peace of mind.

The home automation systems make life much more comfortable, safer, secure and enjoyable which is why a lot of consumers invest in them.

There are various home automation products available in the market. There are a variety of products that can help you control the light, record the music, and locks that can help you make your home a safe and secure place. Following are some of the best home automation technologies available today:

1. Amazon Echo

Powered by Alexa, Amazon Echo is a Bluetooth speaker and a hands-free device that you can control with your voice. It gives you voice control over most of the gadgets in your home or most smart home-based products. It is one of the most customizable voice assistants.

2. Google Home

Developed by Google, Google Home is a brand of intelligent speakers that can help you control your home. It is a powerful speaker and a voice assistant that offers unique features such as cloud uploading for music, multiuser support, voice recognition, and multi-room audio systems.

3. SkyBell HD

SkyBell HD video doorbell is a smart video doorbell that delivers highly detailed video at 1080 p and lets you see and speak with visitors at the gate. It is one of the best technologies for security purposes. Whether you’re at home or on to the go, you can speak to them and see who’s at the door.

4. Wyze cam pan

If you’re looking for a home security camera, Wyze cam pan is the best option available in the market. It offers various features such as mechanical pan, tilt, motion tracking. Invest in it and make your home safe and secure.

5. Philips Hue

Philips Hue is a wireless lighting system that allows you to control both the intensity and the color of the light bulbs. Control the Philips lights with the Philips Hue App and create the ambiance according to your mood.

6. Wireless Perfect Bake Pro

Perfect Bake Pro is one of the best kitchen tools that you can invest in. It turns to make cakes and cookies to be a very easy process. It offers a wide variety of recipes. You can even change and set the method according to the number of ingredients you have, and according to the total number of people, you want to cook for.

Turn your home into a smart home with these best automation technologies.


Andrea Vurlow

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With the development of technology, we are introduced to more new stuff that we never thought it would be possible. One such thing is a smart home. The idea of a smart home is well received by people. But because of the high expenses involved, most of them are unable to get it done.

The first step towards having a smart home is to automate your house. You can avail different automation technologies available in the market these days. Before you set out to get any of the available automation technologies, you should do thorough research on the same.

Best home automation technologies

If you are looking for some of the best automation technologies to incorporate in your house, then you should take a look at the list provided below.

  1. Amazon Echo
    This is one of the most popular home automation devices you can get in the market. The good thing is that it is compatible with many of the same home devices. Not just that, but it is also easy to set-up and use. You can equip it with any smart device you have in your house.

  2. Apple HomePod
    This powerful speaker from Apple is everything you need to automate your house. With the help of this device, you can control all your smart devices at home just using voice commands. This makes things much easier for you.

  3. Google Home
    The next smart device you can choose for your house is Google Home. It comes with plenty of features, which makes it stand apart from its competitors. The best thing about Google Home is that it has more fluidity in understanding languages and queries.

These are only the top best home automation technologies you can go for. Other than this, you can also find other brands such as Samsung, Logitech, and more.


Ostin Calison

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A visitor management software solution can improve the existing security system. These solutions require all visitors to log in, which notifies the right party when someone enters and exits the office.

This is convenient because Visitor Management Systems stores information about incoming and outgoing visitors. If there is ever an emergency in the building, authorities can check the software to see exactly who has visited the office.

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