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What are the best free email marketing software for a startup business?


Bhavini Mahesh

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These days almost all big and small businesses are making use of an email list.  But many times we get to learn about the seasoned businesses which are looking forward to building a strong email database. But the fact is that there are some new businesses which just started their journey in the industry. It is quite essential for them to know the email growth hacks to gain more reach.

Email marketing is undoubtedly cost-effective for marketing. Email marketing delivers a 4300 percent return on the investment made (ROI) by the businesses located in the United States.

There is some specific free email marketing software which is perfect for use by the startup businesses. Quite a good number of email marketing companies are there which makes their services available on a trial basis.  A good percentage of these services are completely free for email marketing offers.

Before we get into the discussion as to which are the best email marketing software available in the market we will give a sneak peek on the pros and cons of using such software.


•    Free: You can use it without paying any price.

•    Get advantage of essential features:  Free email marketing tool offers essential features for starting email marketing campaigns.

•    Nil investment to be made upfront: Free tools are perfect to test and then decide whether to invest or not.


•    Advanced features missing: Advanced features will be available after making an investment only.  

•    Limitations:  Free email marketing tools allow only a limited number of subscribers monthly, weekly or daily.

•    No customer support: Nil customer support given

Some of the best free email marketing software includes:

1. MailChimp

2. Moosend

3. ExpressPigeon

4. Elastic Email

5. MailerLite

6. Benchmark Email

7. SparkPost

8. Mautic

9. VerticalResponse

10. Gold Lasso

11. FireDrum

12. Campaign

13. MPZMail

14. EasySendy Pro

15. EmailOctopus

16. HubSpot Marketing

17. SendinBlue Email

18. Wix ShoutOut

19. Zoho Campaigns

20. Mailgun

It is advisable for you that you make a comparison of the above 20 free email marketing software and also read the reviews of the users who already took advantage of it. This will offer you a clear idea of which one will match your requirements and to what extent. Each one of the above lists has certain pros and cons. Read about it in detail before you start using it.

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